When I first awoke
it was a bright new day.
The air was crisp;
not a cloud in the sky.
And the birds – I did not know them by name,
yet they chirped joyfully.

As the morning progressed,
I started naming the birds,
I learned to identify the various clouds,
and with the turning weather,
I develop allergies of all sorts.

I found the grass greener,
anywhere but in my own backyard.
I became restless;
nothing satisfied me.

And then I met her,
leaf and vine.
She called my name,
I answered, and followed.

By the afternoon,
the air was once again crisp,
the skies colorful,
and the birds,
I forgot their names
and just listened to their songs.

What a journey!

Cary, NC, July 13, 2015
(c) 2018 Ronen Divon. All Rights Reserved.