Abby, Virtually
A coming-of-age story set primarily in New Delhi, India, with a sub-plot taking place in New York, Abby Virtually captures a young teenage girl's foray into global tech entrepreneurship against the backdrop of a society caught between modernity, traditional values, and the changing role of women.
Abhaya, an Indian teenager from New Delhi, India, cannot stand living at her parents’ home any longer. Sharing a room with an older sister, she distastes a father who is heavy on tradition. A brilliant programmer, Abhaya forges a secret life online, where she rents her services to clients around the world with a secret plan to make enough money, so she can run away from home. With its multiple layers, Abby Virtually introduces readers to themes including contemporary generational gap, ethnical prejudice, and violence against women. Yet where Abhaya’s journey ends up taking her, is the last place she would have ever imagined.
Abby, Virtually is published by Morgan James Publishing. It will be available online (ebook) late Aug 2018, and at bookstores as of Nov 2018. To stay tuned please follow Ronen on Facebook and Twitter.  

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The Painter
Ronen is in the process of working on a new novel titled The Painter. A contemporary British art history major, working on her dissertation, unearth and tracks down the story of a Jewish painter from the holocaust; all while facing her own challenges and dilemmas which seem to run parallel to the subject of her academic investigation.

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