An entity that is ever-evolving should not be defined.

For those who insist, the following is a list of words.
Entrepreneur, writer, spiritualist, businessman, healer, yogi, taoist, scuba-diver, photographer, painter, musician, vegetarian, tree-hugger, medicine-man, poet, family man, and, for the most part, a humble member of the human tribe.

On December 1964, my birth month, Nobel Peace Prize was presented to Dr Martin Luther King Jr. in Oslo; the "Star Trek" pilot, "The Cage," was being produced; Canada adopted the maple leaf flag (you probably didn't know they had a different flag prior, neither did I;) US performed a nuclear test at the Pacific Ocean; "The Pink Panther" cartoon series premiered; the Beatles' "I Feel Fine" single went to num. 1; Comedian Lenny Bruce was convicted of obscenity; Levi Eshkol formed an Israeli government; "Goldfinger", the 3rd James Bond film starring Sean Connery and Honor Blackman, premiered in London; Che Guevara spoke at the United Nations General Assembly in New York City; and "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer" first aired on TV.

What does it all mean? Hmmm.... Nothing. Really. Nothing. It was just another month, late in the year of a man-made Gregorian calendar system. That same birth-date, by the Jewish calendar, happened to be Tevet 15, 5725. And, according to the Chinese system, my birth year is the Wood Dragon. Confused? That is what happens when we look for signs, omens and hidden meanings. And that is why there's no need to bother. I was born, I live, and one day, hopefully later rather than sooner, I will pass on. In the interim, smiling seems to be good medicine. That and brushing my teeth.

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