For the journeys I’ve experienced
and for travels yet to come

I am sitting in a circle
engulfed in the current
There’s a glow flowing through me
Then I just give in

She is the captain of my ship
Master of my decks
I am a sail in her wind
A vessel set in voyage

Surrounded by a family
of my sisters and brothers
She is opening my heart
like a dam of joyful bliss

I am vibrating with energy
Visions come and go
She’s a dragon, monkey, wood nymph
She’s my sister, mother, lover

There’s no sense of time and space
just a presence of true self
No room for pity, but forgiveness
Angles, Guides, Celestial beings

Healing is letting go
Shedding layers of past beliefs
Oh sweet spirit of the forest!
I surrender to your love

Cary, NC, June 16-17, 2017
(c) 2017 Ronen Divon. All Rights Reserved.