Have I lost my mind?

Possibly. But that would be a matter unrelated to this page.
It all started as an innocent challenge; a tease. Now, in retrospect, I wonder how many nutty traditions have their humble origin at a onetime jest.
I was scuba-diving in Curacao (that is in the Dutch Antilles, Caribbean,) quite a few years ago, and word got out that I am also a Yoga instructor. A local divemaster, a fellow named Tookee, challenged me to prove this is so. I decided to do a headstand; a posture I am quite comfortable doing even on hard surfaces. You can see Tookee in the background of that shot.
The local dive-store manager took a photo so they can add it to their website photo album. He graciously emailed me a copy. I thought it was cool and decided to do headstands on future dive trips. How that became a tradition of staging headstands in front of various travel locations around the world, I am not quite sure. But over the years I ended up with a nice collection and figured I can post it here.
Hope you will enjoy this growing slideshow.
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