The Way

The Way that can be described is not the true Way.
The Name that can be pronounced is not the real Name.
That which cannot be named is the beginning of Heaven and Earth.

This is how Lao Tzu writes in the Tao Te Ching. Smart guy. Would have loved to meet him for tea, and maybe I did, in a previous life, a long long time ago.

I remember how this text puzzled me as a young man; full of contradictions. But, as the saying goes, in youth we learn, in age we understand, I now "get it." I walked that path, took that journey. The sensless makes sense. And it is quite simple, really.

When we try to encapsulate an experience, no words will do it justice.

We see a beautiful sunset, taste a delightful piece of cake, we climax (why now? that too falls into this category,) and our senses explode. When we try to verbalize it, we are caging a wild animal. It doesn't really work. It is a shadow of the experience's real nature, not the real deal. And so it goes for energetic, emotional, mental and astral happenings. The true ones, cannot be expressed. That is the nature of The Way.

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