A drop of water;
seas within,
oceans without.
She rises.

Like the tide
dressed in blue, 
foam and pearls adornment.
She is calm, tranquil,
yet awe-inspiring wild.

She is Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva,
all rolled into one.
The Great Mother;
the source of life,
the cavern of death.
She is the smallest fish in the ocean,
and its largest whale.

In her depths hide volcanoes,
at her surface playful sun.
Reaching outside her wet terrain,
she sends clouds of rains, storms.
She makes clear her mood.

Like the Queen she is
she rules;
her word law.
Nymphs and mermaids serve her,
Neptune bows and steps aside.
A force of nature,
an Orixa.

I revere and love you,

Cary, NC, Aug 15, 2018

(c) Ronen Divon. All Rights Reserved.