The way of the universe is change.
Change is forever forthcoming.
Walls are a futile attempt to prevent transformations; to hold on to the past.
All that barriers do is build pressure; a damn that will sooner or later give way.
And when the looming collapse occurs,
the damage multiplies; a disastrous flood.

From Troy to the Iron Curtain,
change is stronger than bricks and metal.
Walls provide but a temporary illusion.

Not being a student of history;
an observer of factual reality,
man will time and again drown in his own Tsunami.

Like the ancient Tao teaches,
let the river flow.
Rather than obstruct it,
find life in its curves, in its depths;
beauty and growth.

Cary, NC, January 1, 2017
(c) 2017 Ronen Divon. All Rights Reserved.