Invocation to the Universal Creative Force

Within me rests a treasure trove,
ever-pulsing in symphony with my heart.
Concealed and guarded by resistance,
it trembles with volcanic vigor.

I call upon you,
the Universal Creative Force;
you whom the ancients named the Muses, Saraswati and Brigid,
invoking your flowing powers, energy and vitality,
making Resistance gives way,
vaporized like a dark morning mist,
in the face of the rising sun.

May Athena, Ganesha and Odin,
remove obstacles and stand guard,
as Lao Tzu, Hermann Hesse and Ved Vyasa,
continue to provide inspiration.

Let me not rest, nor check emails, not even glance at Facebook,
until my tale is told, my work is done.

Blessing to you all that assist,
now let the writing begin!

New York, May 10, 2015

(c) 2015 Ronen Divon. All Rights Reserved.